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NJC pay for maintained schools
Schools have been made aware that changes to the Support Staff pay structure will need to take place effective from 1st April 2019, as part of the 2 year pay deal agreed between the National Employers’ Association and the Trade Unions.

In real terms, the pay deal will result in a pay increase between 2% and 7.3% depending on the assimilated scale point. The proposed way in which Central Bedfordshire Council intends to implement the changes has been shared with the CBC recognised trade unions, including GMB.

The assimilated grades and guidance will be finalised once the consultation process with the  recognised trade unions, such as GMB, on behalf of all maintained schools has been concluded.

Message for all employees on NJC terms and conditions of employment
As a member of staff, you hopefully are already familiar with the school’s pay structure which consists of grades and that within each grade, there are a range of spinal column points.
From 1st April 2019, you will see changes to the spinal column point numbering, and the introduction of some new spinal column points. The reason these changes are being made is to meet the requirements of the 2 year pay deal that was agreed between the National Employers’ Association and UNISON, GMB and UNITE Trade Unions.
What this means for you
The Level you are appointed to will not change and you will receive a minimum of a 2% pay increase as a direct result of the implementation of this pay deal.
What this will mean for you is that the spinal column point range for your Level and the spinal column point you are on, will be changing on 1st April 2019.

Your school will write to you in March setting out your new SCP, the SCP range for the grade you are on, and your new increased salary from 1st April.

Posted: 22nd February 2019

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