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A Guide for new GMB members in schools

Have a look at our checklist of good practice for all school support staff, old and new.

Your role, contract, pay, etc.

Have you:

ð        been given a copy of your contract? (It should be given within 2 months of starting your job)

ð        got a permanent contract? If not, why not?

ð        been given a copy of your job description (JD)?

ð        read and checked what is in your JD? (you can say no to things that are not in your JD)

ð        could you find your own copy of your contract and JD if you needed it?

Do you know:
ð        the grade for your job and understand the school’s pay scale?
ð        what hours you are being paid for – your start and finish times?
ð        how many weeks of the year you are being paid?
ð        whether you are paid to work your hours on inset (training) days?
ð        how overtime is rewarded – is it in pay or as Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)?
ð        the procedure for reporting in sick?
ð         the procedure for requesting leave?
ð        if you are on a probationary period do you know when this is to be reviewed?

Policies you work under

Have you:

ð        been given a copy of the school’s employee handbook?

ð        received a copy of all relevant policies, for example: behaviour, health and safety, restraining pupils, sickness absence procedures?

ð        been told about playtime duty arrangements (wet and dry) – including the system for dealing with accidents, accident record book and the names of trained first aiders?

ð        been told about the procedure for recording and reporting an injury at work?

ð        been shown where to go, who to report to, in a fire drill?

ð        been told the procedure for reporting hazards/faulty equipment?

ð        been told what opportunities there are for professional training and development and how to apply for any courses you may wish to attend?

ð        had it explained about being enrolled in a pension scheme?

Information and communication

Do you:

ð        know where to find information about pupils’ special medical/educational needs or who to report any concerns about pupils to?

ð        know the system for receiving daily/weekly updates in your school, for example: is there a morning briefing before school starts (you only need to attend if this is within your hours) or school staff email?

ð        know if your school carries out performance management/appraisal for support staff?

ð        have a safe place for your personal belongings? (lockers)

ð        know if there is regular health and safety induction for all staff? (Not just teachers)


Posted: 15th March 2016

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