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Message to all members from Gary Smith (new GMB General Secretary) & Barbara Plant GMB President sect

All of us who have the privilege of working at GMB are very conscious that the majority of GMB members have been working through the pandemic. Many of you have been on the frontline of this crisis and that’s never lost on any of us.

Safety remains the watchword in work and society. We had hoped to get our offices opened and back to some degree of normality on 21st June but clearly now that can’t happen. GMB employees are committed to you, our members.  It is incredibly frustrating for us all that we can’t get back to some normality, allowing us to be fully focused on organising and campaigning in the workplace.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I said that our union would do everything it can for you and your families with the resources we have. That remains the mission. I know GMB employees are doing some great work, visiting workplaces where it is safe to do so and providing all the support they can to members.

We are absolutely committed to working hard both with you and for you, and to keep our union moving. We do have a responsibility to follow government guidelines though and to keep any risk to our staff at a minimum, like a good employer should.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your continued support is really appreciated.

Gary and Barbara

Gary Smith
General Secretary, GMB

Barbara Plant
National President, GMB


Posted: 16th June 2021

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