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NJC 2022 Pay Claim-What has been sought

The three NJC unions (GMB Unison and Unite) have tabled their pay claim for local government services (‘Green Book’) employees for the 2022/23  pay award with an implementation date of 1 April 2022.

The claim seeks:

  • A substantial increase with a minimum of £2,000 or the current rate of Retail Price Index (RPI) – whichever is greater – on all spinal column points
  • a COVID-19 recognition payment;
  • a national minimum agreement on homeworking policies for all councils and the introduction of a home working allowance;
  • an urgent review of all mileage rates currently applying; a review and update of NJC terms for family leave and pay;
  • a review of term time only contracts and consideration of retainers;
  • reduction in the working week (without loss of pay) to 35 hours (34 in London) plus one additional day of annual leave.

Posted: 24th June 2022

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