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Throughout the past year, it has been GMB members working in Local Government and Schools that have ensured the Nation’s essential public services continued and looked after and educated the children of Key Workers and the Country’s most vulnerable children. It is no surprise then that in the recent consultative ballot, 75% of GMB Local Government and Schools members voted to reject the National Employer’s pay offer of 1.75% for 2021/22.

The pay offer is the pandemic pay offer and was the National Employer’s opportunity to say thank you and recognise the effort and contribution made by Local Government and Schools workers. Instead, the National Employers have offered 1% less than the pay award in 2020 (which was a 2.75% increase)at a time when energy bills are higher than ever before, food is more expensive, and inflation is high and rising.

The pay offer of 1.75% is a pay cut in real terms and has been resoundly rejected by members in all recognised NJC Unions. Therefore, GMB, along with these other Unions, has formally written to the National Employers to lodge an official pay dispute for the 2021/22 pay round.

Although GMB is still urging the National Employers to reopen negotiations and improve the pay offer, GMB members are being asked to take part in an indicative industrial action ballot.

This indicative ballot is asking whether members would be prepared to take industrial action in protest at the woeful pay offer. For members who may not wish to take part in strike action there is an extra question on whether those members would be prepared to take part in industrial action short of strike action e.g. not working additional or overtime hours.

GMB is urging all members to take part in this process and register their dissatisfaction with the National Employer’s offer. A yes vote will hopefully bring pressure to bear on the National Employer for them to reopen negotiations and improve the offer.

This is an indicative ballot which means that a yes vote is only an indication of support, rather than an agreement to go ahead with strike action.

Please do vote when you are contacted to do so.  

If the majority of GMB members vote yes in this indicative ballot, then a further independent ballot will follow that would determine timelines for any industrial action.

Posted: 9th November 2021

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