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Review of the NJC ‘Green Book’ Pay Spine

Review of the NJC ‘Green Book’ Pay Spine
You will recall that as part of the 2016-18 pay deal, the NJC agreed to conduct a review of
the NJC pay spine. The primary reason for this review is the introduction of the National
Living Wage. The agreed Terms of Reference for the review are overleaf.
The Joint Secretaries do not underestimate the challenge we face in designing a restructured
pay spine that is capable of withstanding annual changes to the National Living Wage rate
(without the need for regular fundamental reviews) whilst retaining its current flexibility for
local employers to apply local pay and grading structures. It is important to state from the
outset that a restructured pay spine will not be possible without some additional cost for
councils. However, both Sides will endeavour to achieve an outcome that is financially viable
for employers and fair to employees.
We have scheduled regular meetings for the foreseeable future and would aim to conclude
our review by 30 June 2017. Both Sides will liaise with colleagues who have practical and
technical expertise in the design and use of pay and grading structures and who will advise
the Joint Secretaries during the review process.
Throughout the course of the review the Joint Secretaries will keep their respective
constituents updated on developments. However, for obvious reasons we will not be able to
give a ‘running commentary’ on our discussions. Before any final agreement is reached, the
proposed restructured pay spine will be subject to full consultation with councils and union

Posted: 24th August 2016

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