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9AM – TUES 27th MAY



GMB are calling for all parents, teachers, staff and the general public to lobby a Central Bedfordshire Council meeting to decide on the future of 3 Dunstable schools on 27th May 2014, Priory House, Chicksands from 9am (meeting starts at 9.30am)

This is an important meeting and an opportunity to demonstrate to the Council Exec the strength of opposition to the proposed closures and make them see that there are many who support the campaign to ‘Save Dunstable Schools’

Following consultation meetings and a Scrutiny Committee meeting earlier this month, there remain many unanswered questions – the claims that there are falling pupil numbers are based on ‘assumed’ figures and appear to be open to question.

We should not allow the Council to close schools on an assumption and agree with the Dunstable Gazette headline that the closures would put ‘A Generation Of Children at Risk’

If you are interested in a free coach – dependant on numbers we would like to arrange your transport – if you are interested please contact us at

Posted: 19th May 2014

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