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Victory on campaign against Academies!

An interesting and useful court decision was made recently about a London school that was trying to resist imposition of academy conversion by Michael Gove. The school, which had been failing but was in the process of implementing a recovery plan, had an academy order slapped on it by Gove without parental consultation and the governing body responded by seeking an injunction and judicial review of Gove’s decision.

The injunction was granted and permission to proceed to JR was given but that is stayed pending consultation with parents over the schools future.

This is a real slap in the face for Gove, especially as the judge in this case was particularly critical of Gove’s gung ho attitudes.

Councils can and should be encouraged by GMB to support this. To that end GMB London region have developed the model below, of a council motion about ensuring parents are consulted before academy orders which would be well worth running everywhere.


Please see following links with regard to the campaign we’ve been pushing on Academies.

The Council passed the motion on Parents referendum before Xmas.


Consultation on Academies


Moved by Councillor xxxxxxxx and seconded by Councillor xxxxxxx


The Council notes that school governing body now has the authority to convert into Academies via an Academy Order, with meaningful consultation.

Council believes that along with the legal rights of consultation, that parents must have the final say on the status of their children’s school and education provider.

Therefore, the council calls on any school consulting on whether or not to become an Academy, must hold a referendum via a binding recorded ballot of all parents of children in the effected school.

The referendum ballot will take place before the academy order application has been made in respect of each school.

Posted: 5th February 2014

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