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You, your kids & online safety- free Webinar 5/6/20 11am

You, your kids and online safety

Friday 5th June

Have you ever had a serious chat with your child about their online activity? Join Ivor and Adrian on this session which will give parents a perspective around:
• What their children may be experiencing online and how to broach talking to them
• Making sure they are aware of the correct online behaviour
• If they are upset or think something is not right and maybe makes them feel uncomfortable?
• Part of this session includes a presentation from Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP)
There will also be a focus on adults around social media, inexperienced users, looking at potential scams and helpful tips for vulnerable adults.

Ivor Riddell is a Lead Learning Organiser for RMT the National Union for Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers. He started as a ULR in 2004 with Southeastern and has worked for many years with the RMT Learning Project. Through his voluntary work with the Sea Cadets he became a trainer for CEOP the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Team and has built up a wealth of knowledge and perspective around online dangers but also the benefits on online activity.

Adrian Ryan is a unionlearn project support officer who supports unions to access a wide variety of learning opportunities. He also delivers a number of short taster courses in workplaces including creative writing and access to free online learning.

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Posted: 1st June 2020

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